About the author

Bart Cannon is a Bible teacher, public speaker, businessman & family man who believes in winning the game of life by applying biblical principles to every situation. Cannon's extensive business background, coupled with many years of experience as a bi-vocational pastor & church leader, uniquely qualifies him to speak to contemporary issues of spiritual, family & work life. His message has spanned several countries, including Honduras, South Africa, Mozambique, Siberia (Russia), & several states across the USA. Cannon's popular articles have appeared in various newspapers & on the Internet. Titles include "Just Call Me Atilla the Dad," "What They Don't Tell You About Mission Trips," & "Is There Life After Football?" Other writing credits include "Beyond the Bottom Line" business column & feature articles about Alabama football players, college basketball coach Bob Hoffman, & the Go Fish musical group. His entertaining, fast-paced writing style delicately blends substance & wit into clear messages that bridge the gap between concepts & application. The author graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Masters Degree in Leadership Studies and earned a business degree from the University of Alabama. Bart & his wife, Karen, currently live in Cleburne, Texas. They have three daughters and one son.